Which hat to wear today?  For someone who multitasks into the seconds, it can be confusing to know where one role starts and another one ends.

For me, it has been simpler to just be me, then everything else flows. I still wear different hats, have many responsiblities, provide my services and gifts to different people, partners and groups, but at the same time, i am always coming from my place of strength and comfort.

Now, in this moment, I choose to wear the writer hat. This is a hat I’ve been dying to wear, to find that avenue of communication and expression that is so obviously compressed and dorment.  The writer wants to share key learnings and experiences, make the day to day more meaningful than just the moment at hand, unwitnessed and fleeting.

Moments before I wore the business development / business owner hat, communicating about my business and our capabilities. Also a part of me and all that I believe in, more challenging because I am trying to derive an outcome, providing a specific call to action that may or may not happen and is out of my control.

I was also the the coach today – gathering awareness and insight to help craft a new undertaking for a friend’s business venture that I am merely a facilitator of, with no accountability except to be the mirror and excavator of vision.

Early this morning, I started my day as the Pilates instructor.  I love working with clients to help them become stronger, more confident, healthier.  This too requires me to be myself to the core, a supportive trainer that is knowledgeable about the systems I teach, building the trust necessary to grow the relationship that gives the physical changes a chance to happen.

I consider myself blessed to wear so many hats, to have the ability to make an impact in this world, large or small.