It is easy to find abundance in the large milestones of life.  My sister’s wedding, being surrounded by family, laughter and joy.  It is harder is to find abundance and joy in the smaller moments. 

As I am driving to the studio, I take care to notice the greening of spring, appreciating the short drive when I used to have an hour commute to work, anticipating my engaging clients and the work that I will be sharing.    Walking into the space, sensing the energy of balance and strength that comes from the instructors and clients.   Knowing that I am part of a larger system that challenges and sustains individuals to be better than they thought they could be.

As I return home, to find the joyful wag of my Shiba’s tail. Her little pointy fox face is smiling in happiness.  It is the small things, even the things that happen every day, that are easy to take for granted.  Laughing as her pointed tongue reaches for my face, sensing her curiousity to find out where I have been since I left.  It is the small, regular, routine things that fill me with abundance.

What can you do to find that intention of abundance? Stop and pay attention.  Start with an attitude of abundance. What can you be grateful for right now. Even if you are coming from a dark place, know that you can be full of joy if you choose to be. Gratitude and appreciation can generate joy quickly if you allow them to flow through you.  Choose Abundance and it will choose you.