I had a sleepless night, that happens occasionally.  It is usually a result of too much input, activity and events coming at me and not enough time alone to process all the new information. 

I tossed and turned for four hours, not really upset about being unable to sleep, but instead using my Heartmath Coherence technique to explore what was keeping me awake.

Exploring what was keepng me up, the word that finally popped up was “courage”.

What did I need to know about the word “courage?” 

I believe that for most of my life, I have been a courageous person, taking the independent step to put myself through college, moving five hours from my family.  I moved from a known environment, Washington, DC to a new place – Raleigh, NC, with no friends and little free time to grow a community.  I started my own business and have ventured forth to be self-employed.  All courageous acts, right?

But last night I began to see that I have further to go.

  • I need to find the courage to look at what is, and acknowledge it for what it is. 
  • I need to find the courage to let go of what isn’t working and move on.
  • I need to find the courage to be honest to myself and others.
  • I need to find the courage to trust and accept others in my life.
  • I need the courage that is already inside of me to bloom forth and shine.
  • I need the courage to let go of false hopes, dreams and things that are no longer a part of my future.
  • I need the courage to be truly inspiring.
  • I need the courage to reach my potential.
  • I need the courage to laugh when things are not going my way.
  • I need the courage to be me and let the me inside shine through.

I know I can find the courage, I’ve done harder before. The long night without rest was simply a reminder that sometimes we lose our way and allow easy to replace hard. It takes courage to do the hard things.