I am in the midst of my first Gyrotonic teacher training update weekend.  We had our first six hours last night. It blew by in the blink of an eye. If there is ever an example of The Power of Now, it is spending time with our new Master Trainer, Miriam Barbosa.  She is a gifted instructor, working with clarity and intuition. I was inspired just to be in the same space with her, she connects with you at a very deep level, allowing what shows up to be without judgement.

I have been experiencing some pretty painful neck and shoulder blockages for the past week and was a little worried how that might affect my training this weekend. As we began the evening, Miriam asked what things were going on in our bodies.  I was reassured by that question that she would be able to help me work around any issues, if not completely improve them.

By the end of our evening of six hours of training, I was feeling pretty good, both about what we were learning and how my body was feeling.  Miriam chose me to complete the final segment of the evening, the shoulder release series and began demonstrating hands on techniques to the other instructors. Immediately I felt the deepest connection to the constraint and I could sense that Miriam was going directly there, to open and expand my range of motion and connectivity.  It was a strange combination of pain and release, that edge that should hurt but ends up feeling amazing. 

It was as if I were a lump of clay that Miriam had a vision for and shaped confidently without doubt that she could move the blockage through and away.  As she completed the work, and I regained external focus, I looked up at the observing instructors and declared Miriam “the shoulder whisperer.”