Since I went to Boulder Creek, CA and met the Heartmath team, I’ve been working on my emotions and becoming more purposeful about how I chose to feel and experience life.  What I’ve noticed is that the tools are extremely effective, once I gain the awareness that I am in a negative state.  The challenge is for me is to accept the resistance I feel about moving out of the negative place. Sometimes, and I am being almost too honest here, I like feeling bad….right, what is that about?  But sometimes, I just want to be mad, upset, angry, peeved.  The adreneline and cortisone coursing through me aren’t good for me, but somehow I get hooked on that feeling of being right and justified.  But then I have a sleepless night, followed by an exhausted day and I awaken to the idea that this isn’t a good idea.  So I start working on my breathing, heart focus and shifting my emotions.  So what I have realized is that I have to choose to choose to feel differently.