I am only on Chapter 2, but thus far this has been an enlightening book for me.  I worked through an exercise, stream of consciousness around four words; Freedom, Success, Power, Love.

Freedom: Create, Open, Easy, Clarity, Challenge, Open Spaces, Dance, Move, Love, Explore, Ocean, Breezes, Potential, Hope, Self, Trust, God, Choice, Available, Resources, Dare, Laughter, Wide Open, Possibility, Family, Security, No Expectations, No Judgements, No Responsibility, No Contraints, No Boundaries, No Stress, Fly, Anything is Possible, Try Again, New, Self-employed, Flexible Schedule, Ability.

Success: Challenge, Growth, Learning, Being of Service, Learning, Being of Service, Global, Responsible, Passion, Build Trust, Inspire Others, Open Communication, Be Proud, Love Self, Share, Write, Explore, Dreams, Visions, Family, Expansion, Income, Resources, Proven, Professional, Clarity, Authenticity, Cutting Edge, Energy, Plant Seeds, Be at Peace, Be Present, Laughter, Joy

Power: Gifts, Awareness, Personal Power, Presence, Knowing, Seeing, Acknowledgement, Relaxed Strength, Potential, Grow, Learn, Openness, Improvise, Appreciate, Validate, Accept, Receive, Articulate, Share Wisdom, Stand Ground, Honesty, Challenge, Help Others, Be a Coach

Love:Aware, Caring, Responsible, Impact, Heart, Self, Peace, Energy, Radiate, Unconditional, Children – Pure Love, Family, Expansion, Communicate, Openness, Available, Validate, Explore, Support, Empower, Give what Need, Generosity, Set Expectations, Receive, Loyal, Careful, Trust, Believe, Faithful, Energetic, Expansion, Future Path, Gift, Abandon Need and Control, Dogs, Meditation, Now, Source

So, what to do with my braindump? I am still working through the exercise, but thought I’d share the process here.

Have a Powerful, Successful, Lovely, Free Day.

With Intent, Susan