I am developing a new workshop for ThinkWorkPlay – Your Creative Edge.  The concept is that when you are at your most creative, you are tapped into your heart intelligence and your intuitive power.  This is the zone where great things happen and you reach your potential.

When I am my most creative, I am feeling relaxed, energized, enthusiastic, powerful, engaged and positive. My body is centered, healthy, relaxed, and tuned in.  I know that I am in my creative zone because time goes by in a blink, I am happy for no external reason and I feel at peace.

When I am feeling blocked or stuck, I am tense, anxious, feeling pressured to perform. I might be feeling overwhelmed, over my head, not working to my strengths and uncertain.My body feels constrained, tight and achy.  I am procrastinate about doing specific tasks and I am forgetful about what needs to happen next.

To move into the creative place, it helps if I take a walk, removing myself from the immediate environment. Some deep breaths, perhaps looking at a picture of my dog Caro or using my HeartMath tools, such as HeartLock In, all help me to go back to a more centered and energized space.

Sometimes I need to put myself in a creative physical place, such as an environment where other people are creating.  I have found Helios Coffee Shop is good for nurturing my inner muse.  Sometimes a virtual community, such as Giam helps me to juice up again.

What I have learned from using the HeartMath tools is that I don’t have to accept being stuck as inevitable. I can shift to a creative edge by choice and on demand. That has made all the difference in accomplishing the goals that I desire.

How do you shift into your Creative Zone? What is your Creative Edge?