I was reflecting tonight on why my to do list rarely seems to get shorter.  Self coaching is a hobby I tend to do as I am falling asleep at night. Probably not the best time to do it, but sometimes insights pop up.  A thought occurred to me that often I allow obstacles to become barriers.  The difference became clear immediately.  An obstacle is something you have to move around or over.  Or just move.  A barrier prevents you from moving forward.  Recently, I’ve been allowing myself to bump into more barriers than moving over obstacles.

The image of a four wheel truck comes to mind.  How can I stop being a Miata and instead become a Humvee, rolling right on up and over my obstacles? How will I prevent obstacles from taking on the proportions of a barrier?

Part is perspective, begin to ask which it is, a barrier or an obstacle? What is the difference. It is beginning to feel like mindset and attitude versus any reality of the situation itself.

To make it concrete: One obstacle I’ve been facing lately is finding time to walk my dog, Caro.  She loves walks and I need the exercise.  It has become a barrier of sorts lately, I am feeling that there are so many other things I need to focus on, that a short walk around the block has sufficed.    The barrier is my mindset. WIth some exercise, I sleep better, I make better food choices, I think more clearly and Caro stays healthy and fit.     The time I am walking Caro can be used wisely by practicing the Power of Now, enjoying the neighborhood and allowing my mind to be clear for creative thoughts.

A simple shift in perspective makes a chore into a spiritual journey.  And a barrier becomes a small ,completely surmountable obstacle.

What is your greatest barrier and how can it become simply an inconvenient obstacle?