I just finished reading “The Paradox of Time” and found myself intrigued by the concept of “where” in time I focus my attention.  In Paradox, you can be in the past – past positive or past negative, in the present – present hedonistic or present holistic and future – future fatalist, future trancedental or just plain old future.  According to the authors, the ideal profile is past positive, present holistic and future oriented.  Tied together with my readings from Tolle – past negative is similar to the pain body, present is now and future is similar to ego.  Heartmath would say that appreciation is similar to past positive and heart focus/heart breathing is present holistic, future would be visualization or heart intelligence.  I found it valuable to tie the different viewpoints together, to keep myself organized and clearer about which tools to use to get where I want to go.  But it explains in terms of “time” why HeartMath works and the challenges that Tolle faces in getting the world to awaken.

My personal goals after reading Paradox:

  • Focus on positive aspects of my past and how they led me to my current now.
  • Nurture the “future” and planning aspects in order to achieve and reach my purpose.
  • Differentiate between Present Holistic and Present Hedonistic in my Now.

What is your relationship with time? How do you view time? Where do you spend your “time”?  To take the survey go to http://www.thetimeparadox.com/ and follow the survey link.