One of the exercises that we use during our Creative Golf Teambuilding Day is called “Fast Forward”.  The instructions are for the participants to imagine themselves at their retirement party, and in giving their speech, note their top accomplishments and how they acheived them.  The inquiry that follows is that knowing what you want to accomplish, what must you do differently now to achieve your desired results.

We put this program together several years ago, and yet I was blown away by the power of that inquiry yesterday.  We took a group out for a very brisk day on the course at The Heritage.  The Management Team for an International Manufacturer attended and jumped whole-heartedly into the experience.  When I asked each team to go through this exercise, their responses were remarkably similar.  They were grateful for their families, spouses and children, grateful for having a long and successful career and grateful for their friendships and relationships with their peers.  It speaks to what really matters. 

What do you need to do NOW in order to have that perspective in the future? What can you let go of, recognizing that you aren’t really going to care if that was achieved later?  Can you get even more specific about your accomplishments in the future? Can you identify opportunities that lie ahead for you now?