I just returned from my final Gyrotonic certification weekend in Miami.  It has been a long and at times arduous process, a year as a client followed by a year as an authorized teacher, with many long days and weeks of training and teaching to get to this milestone.  I entered into the weekend with some apprehension that I might not have prepared enough or even be worthy of final certification approval.  There were 21 other trainers that were equally as nervous, everyone had heard tales of strict master trainers and rigid protocols for teaching.  We started our first morning sharing our tales of nerves: lack of sleep and loss of appetite from stress.

What became very clear upon meeting our master trainer – Juergan, was that he wanted to take us back to the beginning. To restore and re-acknowledge the intention behind the work and to find that intention within ourselves.  He did this with re-inforcement of the basics and lots of inquiry, asking us to look inside to find the answers.  By working from intention, everything became clearer, more focused, more defined and yes, we became more confident.  It became clear that there would always be more to learn, always be more details to hone, but that if we held to the intention of the work, we would be doing good work.

It was a reminder to me to work from intention in all that I do.  Where else would going back to the source, finding the beginning of the thread, renewing my understanding of the basics prove valuable?  Even wading through my 160 unread emails feels a little more purposeful, to know that as I am clearing my inbox and prioritizing my week, I am also working from the intention to do good work, to be of service to others and to take the time to learn something new every day.  The trivial begins to feel more meaningful.

What would it take to live from intention every day?  What would be different?