I have been looking forward to January 1, 2009 for several weeks now. I planned to use this open day as my reset day.  A free day for me to clean,  dig out my desk, sort out email, pay my bills and cook some dishes for the week.   Looking for some background noise to keep me company, I turned on the TV, to find that WUNC had a Dr. Wayne Dyer program “The Power of Intention”.  I’ve read his book before, but hearing him talk is always inspiring.

So in addition to resetting the household, I am using the day to reset my intentions for 2009.  For me, intention means what is behind what I do? What is the reason? Why would I take that action? 

My intentions for 2009 include working from the space of service, ensuring that my time is being well used to help others.  Secondly, I want to work from a place of experience and expertise. What am I good at? What do I know? How can I share this with others?  And finally I intend to work from a place of cooperation and collaboration. How can I be adding to, not subtracting from or diminishing the value of those things that I am involved in?

So instead of thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions, perhaps you can think about your New Year’s Intention.  What is your deepest Intention?  What is the driver that moves you forward into 2009?

Happy New Year! With Intent, Susan