Fittingly enough, it snowed in Raleigh, NC today. A rare event for this southern city. Blanketed by six inches of snow, the landscape looks fresh and new.  Similiarly, another rare event, the inauguration in Washington, DC today created a fresh and new chapter in our nation’s history.  Selfishly, the snowday provided me an opportunity to watch the entire event on the television from start to finish. Without the snow, I would have been working for most of the day and would have experienced this historic event through reruns and secondhand commentary.

Watching it in the moment gave me the gift of perspective. To see the vast expanse of humanity spread across the mall, moved to travel to our Capital to witness this new beginning allowed me to experience the significance and hopefulness that is Barack Obama and all the symbolism his election represents.  When we see Obama, we don’t just see the man in front of us, but all the men and women who came before him, who fought to be recognized and accepted, who made his rise to President possible.   We also see the potential, the possibility and the hope for our own futures.  Where can we go from here?