I’ve had a Twitter Account for awhile, but found myself much more engaged with Facebook.  Facebook has all my family, friends, old work colleagues, neighbors, clients, etc… and Twitter has….lots of people selling stuff. At least that has been my impression up until recently. 

My Twitter Name is Shibahaven, which is a direct result of having no idea how I was going to use Twitter and choosing to focus on my favorite four-legged friend, who is a Shiba Inu.  So the Shibahaven tag has nothing to do with The Essential Path nor my Pilates or Gyrotonic instruction or anything else that I do for a living.  But actually, I am ok with that, at least for now.  I decided awhile ago, I am over selling stuff…so that will kind of ensure that I am not really selling anything to anybody.  Unless you want to talk about Shibas, I can sell you on that breed in about five minutes!

So first I was on Twitter. Then I learned about Tweetdeck.  This gave me a more user friendly interface to observe what is happening on Twitter. I forget to go to Twitter, and I forget to update Twitter.  But with this installed on my desktop, I actually look at it regularly.  If I want, I can update Twitter and Facebook in the same update (although I am realizing there are very different audiences for each site, so unless I want to alienate my FB crew, I probably won’t do that too often.)

Next I discovered Wefollow.  This allows me to find folks I actually want to follow. Before, I was just stealing other people’s lists.  But I can search through popular tags and find people I want to follow.  And I tagged myself there as well: coach, pilates, gyrotonic.  So then, people I don’t know started following me! I only have 60ish followers, but I only know 3 of them, so that is kind of cool, in a wierd stalkerish kind of way.

So the journey continues, but the good news is I am beginning to grasp the idea of Twitter and why it is different than Linked In and Facebook.  I’ll keep ya posted!