This time of year seems to bring out the best in my organizational and motivational strengths.  I find I have amazing superhuman energy to sort out closets, organize tax files, develop annual goals and clean out email folders.  The best part of all this effort is how well I sleep when everything is in order. There is something satisfactory about knowing that there are no monsters under the bed: forgotten bills waiting to be paid, piles of dry cleaning begging to be dropped off, looming emails neglected.

The best part of all this purging and sorting is it frees me to start new projects and take on larger endeavors. My big project for 2010 is becoming a yoga teacher.  I will start my yoga teacher training on Wednesday night, which will involve four months of intense training, studying and teaching.  I love a challenge! The other big project is ongoing, preparing the movement studio to grow and expand to a much larger location within the next 18 months. We have just acquired a yoga studio – Evolve Yoga and are taking on their name – EVOLVE – as we continue to develop and grow our programs and build our teacher educuation schedule.  And Evolve is what we are doing, taking where we are now and adapting to a new economic reality, new modalities and a larger vision that is very exciting!

Unlike many people, I actually didn’t hate 2009.  It was a pretty good year for me, and I have come out the other side even more optimistic about what 2010 will bring.  Happy New Year!