I started a 200 hour course in Yoga Teacher Training at the beginning of January.  It has been everything I was hoping for and actually alot more. I was excited to gain a deeper understanding into the principles of yoga and I definately understood there were other aspects of yoga beyond the physical practice of asanas, but I have enjoyed reading ancient texts and finding some new perspectives on the big question….How To Live?  For the past 2 1/2 months, I have met each Wednesday night  and (thus far) for 3 long weekends with my instructor and 9 other women in the course, all of us on the same path but for lots of different reasons.  And while the course is strenuous, both mentally and physically, I have found it to also be rewarding.  The changes are dramatic.  I walked into the studio in November with virtually no relationships or connections; not only do I help run the studio now, but I also feel a strong sense of community when I walk into the warm and inviting sanctuary.  Physically, my practice has deepened and strengthened. Poses that would literally “spit me out” when I started the program will at least tolerate me now.  I have noticed the constant mental chatter of judgement dies down within a few minutes of starting our Vinyasa Flow and is pretty much non-existant by the point of final OM.   One of my favorite elements of the course happened spontaneously, a potluck luncheon the second weekend we gathered has become an event we cherish and get excited about.  Sharing food is such an elemental aspect of community and that give and take of recipes and history is so wonderful.  We begin weekend #4 on Friday, it is our Fire Weekend.  We’ve been working our way through the Chakra System and this will take us to Manipura (Naval) Chakra: Solar Plexus: Willpower & Anger.  Fun!  And really, that is what I have learned thus far, to just relax and have fun with all this.  Learning is fun, moving is fun, community is fun!