it takes you 3 months to post a new update to your blog!  So in those 3 months, I have completed my yoga teacher training, and as of today, have officially become a river guide to the flow, ie I taught my first class.  The crazy part about teaching this class is how stressed I was about it!  I teach multiple hours of movement every week and I have been teaching for over 7 years, yet somehow, this 1 hour class, 60 minutes of anonymous flow was freaking me out!  I took my usual tactic, procrastination as far as I could, and even when I finally put fingers to keyboard to map out my class, I felt resistance.  Today, as I prepared for class, I came to a realization…if this isn’t fun or meaningful, don’t do it!  So I reorganized and adjusted my goals for the day. Instead of being the absolute best teacher that has ever existed, I would simply deliver a class I enjoyed.  Mission accomplished. It was an awakening experience, to realize I didn’t know my left from my right, that I was at the back of the class instead of the front, that I had run out of time….but also that I was in control, in charge of the flow and I could redirect it any way I wanted…at the end of class, I was happy…that I had delivered a flow class and that I would never again have to deliver my very first yoga class!