A slow summer is a mixed blessing. While my clients have enjoyed the beach all summer, I’ve been hiding out from the heat with a pile of motivational books that have inspired all kinds of new ideas.  One outcome of all this reading is a decision to refocus my energy on my coaching business – The Essential Path, in addition to my teaching and management activities at EVOLVE Movement.  This is a direct result of re-reading Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich (the 21st Century Updated Edition).  If you saw or read The Secret, you are already at least vaguely aware of Hill’s premise and direction.    Napolean Hill interviewed all the Titan’s of Industry in the early 20th century and from those conversations, he derived the secrets to successful entrepreneurship.  I won’t spoil the ending for you, but it is clear that there are certain traits or commonalities that generate wildly successful outcomes. The first is clearly to articulate a vision.  For most of my career, I’ve been drawn to people who have big vision. I have built a successful career out of being “the implementor”.  But I think what I am recognizing as I make my way through this updated version of T&GR, is that it is my turn to craft My Own BIG VISION and Implement with New Energy! More to come!