The other day, I found a job description that literally sang to me. It seemed as if the HR Manager had written it with me specifically in mind, well except for the fact that this dream job is in another country. That being said, I reconfigured this wonderful job opening as a personal request for the Universe.

The world is made up of dreamers and doers. I help dreamers become doers. My clients are visionaries, and I act as their strategic dream organizer. Together, we work to leverage innovative big ideas and map future projects, creating a whole that is great than the parts.

With my proven track record of excavating and facilitating the dreams of others, I smile with delight when the ‘impossible’ idea is presented and immediately begin the process of evaluation, concept, business case and nailing down the most efficient path to success. A problem-solver by nature, I actively and wholly seek to find the possible within the seemingly impossible.

I truly understand the power of setting and achieving goals and I hope to inspire those around me to start living a life they absolutely love. Authentic and articulate communication skills, excellent team work ability, a solid business mind, as well as a strong love for vinyasa flow yoga classes are key attributes to my success.

My qualifications:
-Certified Yoga, Pilates and Gyrotonic Instructor
-Certified Personal Coach and HeartMath 1:1 Provider
-Excellent team player as well as the ability to work independently.
-Effective communication skills (written & verbal)
-Extremely organized, thorough and able to prioritize
-Detail oriented
-Strong ability to see the big picture and translate the vision into viable plans.
-Results oriented – strong sense of motivation
-Self directed problem solver, proactive and resourceful
-Responsible, dependable and mature, with sound judgment

My personal drive:
– Proven work ethic with utmost integrity
– Desire to excel and succeed
– Self-awareness, with a desire for constant self improvement
– Entrepreneurial spirit and intuitive sense of the future
– Self-motivated, passionate, empathetic, and approachable
– Outgoing, energetic, upbeat and fun!