A year ago, at my annual physical, my doctor gave me a clean bill of health with the exception of my cholesterol levels. Really, just my LDL levels, HDL were ok. LDL are the baddies that clog up your arteries, HDL are the goodies that clear everything out for you. Dr. M suggested I limit my animal products and follow a more vegetable based diet. I have to admit, I felt a bit adrift, I wasn’t sure how to make that happen. I am not a tofu girl and I didn’t think I ate too much meat, mostly chicken and really only on the weekends. I did have a lot of eggs, milk and yogurt and those were going to be harder for me to give up, since they were part of my regular diet.

I first decided to go hard core vegan, replacing my milk and yogurt with soy-based products. Which then spoiled in my fridge….I really didn’t like the taste very much. I switched over to almond-milk, that seemed to be a little more palatable, but found that letting go of my greek-style yogurt wasn’t going to happen. I decided I would focus on letting go of the meat. So since last December, I have been primarily veg, with a little bit of seafood when the protein mood hits me . I have about 2 eggs a month and except some ghee in my kitchari, I have managed to not swim in butter too much.

I am happy to say that upon visiting my physician today, my cholesterol had dropped 51 points and my HDL had gone up 3 points! My doctor was amazed and excited to hear what I had been doing and to see the results so clearly. There are lots of good reasons to not eat meat and animal products, most of which can become major points of contention when you try to convince your average carnivore to let go of meat, but it seems like healthy pipes and a clean bill of health are as good as any I can think of!