February 26, 2011 was the First Annual Virtual Vitality Showcase, the brainchild of my dear friend Denise Starrett and the implementation-child of moi. At least the beginning of implementation, I have to give way more credit to Denise for her amazing follow through and enthusiasm to get VVS off the ground and it definately proved to be an amazing success. What began as an idea, spawned by a physical event that takes place in the UK, Denise was able to organize over 15 sessions, speakers and at least 200 attendees in a virtual conference that took skilled logistical planning and insane amounts of positive enthusiasm to deliver.

On Saturday, 2/26, Denise and I connected around 8ish and began an action-packed day from the comfort of our own living rooms: Denise in Virginia Beach, me here in Raleigh. We Tweeted, FaceBooked and hosted each hour-long session, greeting our guests as they came online, then introducing our guest speakers, keeping everyone up to date on last minute schedule changes and logistical challenges we were discovering in the moment. I was tucked up in my favorite comfy sweats, a huge glass of water, warm green tea and two phone lines that kept me linked up with the action. Denise and I communicated via the VVS dashboard and kept track of our attendees as they logged into their special sessions.

Suddenly it was my turn to present to our audience! I felt myself become instanly nervous and almost worried that I would forget my own presentation. Luckily a friend had signed up at the last minute, so knowing she was on the line, I focused delivering the very best message I could to her specifically. I took my own advice, and used my HeartMath tools to relax and becoming coherent. Feeling happy and relaxed, the hour flew by and I was done with a very inspirational and energizing day!