A 3 Part Business Model

Are you the kayak, the paddle or the paddler?

An image came to me while I was in yoga the other day of a kayak and it explained why some business models can get too complicated for small business owners.

Before I go any further, think for a minute… which would you prefer to be? The Kayak? The Paddle? The Paddler? Don’t think too hard on this, go with your gut.

Ok, here is why this is important.

The Kayak is your platform.  It is the vehicle that gets you moving.  In a business model, it is the services or products, whatever it is that delivers value and drives revenue.

The Paddle is your locomotion.  It is the propeller that drives you forward.  Or think of it as sales, marketing, networking, word of mouth, distribution….whatever the mechanisms are that get your kayak into market.

The Paddler is, of course, you.  It is the leadership, the decision maker, the strategist.

What happens for most small businesses is that they are trying to be all three all the time.