This Sunday marked a huge milestone for my younger brother – James Maravetz  His first Superbowl commercial aired for Met Life.   I know this was a collaborative effort, for example I know James isn’t an artist or an editor, so there were plenty of animators and a whole team involved in the editing process.  But this marks a pinnacle moment for James in that his career efforts have been raised to another plane, a higher level of recognition that he has worked hard for and fully deserves.

You only have to see the response from this fan to understand what James’ vision was all about.  Andre (the raving fan) totally understood the cultural context in which James crafted this ad. And that is really what my brother is best at doing; talking to the next up and coming audience: the millennials; this is a generation that is a little cynical and snarky; but also has a soft spot for their childhood, a bit of nostalgia for a not so distant past that was safe and assured.

So for one more day, I will brag up a little on my little bro and be the proud sister I always am, just a little louder and more public than usual.