I had the pleasure of being a casual observer of a Valentine’s Day Date that reflected the essence of pure innocence and appreciation that are at the heart of this holiday.

I have a habit of being energetically tuned into those around me, and yesterday was no exception. I overheard this very mature and upfront conversation happening between this adorable little couple and I couldn’t resist tuning in to (and stealthily photographing) their date.

Honestly, some portions of it could have come out of a couple 10 years their senior, both were so adult in conducting their date. They discussed favorite school subjects and teachers, the merits of various after school programs. He anticipated that she would have to share her candy heart with her little sister, and asked her what her favorite video games are. It was all very heart affirming, that young love springs from such an authentic place.

And this scenario is in such stark contrast to what would seem to be the norm for kids in today’s world. You would believe all are bullies, mean girls and show offs, based upon tv and the general media.

To be a witness to such sweetness and innocence on Valentines Day made it one of my best ones ever.