Twice while walking the beach in recent weeks, I have found beautiful, sculptural conch shells. Each time I found one, it felt as if I had found a very precious gift, because there are very few to be found on a typical day.

For the past month, I have been a dedicated student of Abraham-Hicks, The Law of Attraction, and am enjoying the meditation recordings immensely. I recently downloaded the mobile app and use it during my walking meditations on the beach.

Today is a fabulous beach day, full sunshine, nice breeze, a little brisk so bundling is recommended. I decided to commit to a pier to pier walk/meditation. I am not sure on the mileage, but it is at least an hour walk at a good pace.

A few minutes into my walk, I found a small portion of a conch shell, just the inner spiral, but pretty, so I pocketed it. A few minutes later, still listening to my abundance meditations, I found a larger , more complete shell, marveling at my luck.

Enjoying the waves, the birds, the people and the exercise, I stumbled upon a third shell. This was unprecedented,and I laughed aloud, marveling at my shell abundance. And then a fourth shell gleamed in the surf, I thought oh, wow, now I am just getting greedy.

I was ready to walk past it and a thought popped in my head, perhaps this was a limiting belief? That I could only have so much, and then I needed to be done? So I picked the shell up, put it in my pocket with the rest of my haul and continued on my way.

Then I decided to play a game with myself, valuing each shell I found at $1million. And immediately felt an anxious pang in my gut, now that I had monetized the shells, I feared i wouldn’t find any more. So I went back to the thought of finding as many as possible to maximize my immediate shell abundance.

With two pockets overflowing with shells by the end of my walk, I was almost giddy with the embarrassment of my riches. I had actually left two less attractive shells on the beach, no more capacity to carry, and ok with leaving some treasures for others to find.

What I enjoyed most about this shell game of abundance that I played with myself is that I had no resistance to the shells themselves. I didn’t ‘t have a back story about how there aren’t enough shells for everyone, that I didn’t deserve any more shells, or that all the good shells are taken. I just felt new glee with each shell I discovered and thanked the universe for her eternal abundance.

Today I will view all aspects of abundance in my life with the same innocent glee as conch shells.