I always thought that appreciating another was an act of kindness or politeness. That is until recently, when I have come to value the boomerang effect that happens when you truly and deeply appreciate another person, pet or beautiful object. It is an act of kindness, but mostly for yourself, to nurture your own soul.

For me, an easy place to feel the bliss of appreciation is to watch a sunset on the sound. The beautiful reflection of low sun on rippling water, the sky shifting from blue to orange to red. I am able to immerse myself in the pure beauty of nature, and for a slice of each day, feel pure source energy wave through me in great appreciation for our beautiful planet.

If you are skeptical, start with something easy, a beloved pet or favorite sanctuary. Slow down and really look at your object of appreciation and find the feeling of pure love and exhilaration that you hold for your beloved.

Stay in that juicy place for as long as you can hold onto that delicious feeling, perhaps expanding your scope of appreciation to other aspects of your life. Feel the momentum of that good feeling as it builds and expands. Allow it to wave over you and remember that you can find this feeling at any time, anywhere, with anyone.

The benefits are immediate and long lasting, you feel calmer, more centered, in control, able to focus on tasks and more patient and loving with others in your world. It is well worth making Appreciation a part of every day.