This post is not about natural beauty, but it is about a natural process.

For the past week, my main pathway into Wrightsville Beach has been the scene of road construction. Our two lane road has been reduced to a single lane, the roads have been scraped down to concrete and new asphalt has been put down. The drive has been slow, rough, annoying and noisy.

And then the work was done….

Smooth as ice, quiet, easy access in and out of the beach…I am taking great pleasure in this new road.

And so it is with the contrast in our lives. Without the rough patches, the delays, the detours, the noise….how would we know to appreciate the smooth, well-paved aspects of our existence?

And when you find yourself in a rough patch, know you are staging yourself for an incredibly smooth path in the very near future. And when you find yourself on a beautiful path…..appreciate, appreciate, appreciate!