A concept I have come to embrace from Abraham-Hicks is the idea of contrast. Contrast is the stuff you don’t like, the negativity you feel when life isn’t going your way. Usually, if you sit with it for a little bit, you will soften and accept, grow and expand. Sometimes you just won’t!

I was walking on the beach and hit a sticky spot, sharp hard shells in every direction. I was trying to find the nice soft sand I had been enjoying but it was all behind me and would take me in the wrong direction. I braced myself, tip toed through the mean shells until I found relief in the welcoming soft sand. What relief!

Without the shells, would I have noticed how loving and comfy the loose, soft sand was? I doubt it. I expect I would have taken it for granted, as we do most things in our experience. So I appreciate my journey through the shells, they provided the contrast to know and appreciate a gentler path.