A friend that I often share Abraham-Hicks videos with asked me for clarification on the concept of “the path of least resistance” and was that simply defined as the easiest pathway to a solution?

After a bit of mulling the question around in my mind, I came to the resolution that the path of least resistance is actually the pathway in which I am (in my belief system) the least resistant. It really comes down to my personal beliefs and my confidence in my expected results.

Here is an example appropriate for the new year: losing weight.

It would probably be easiest to just eat less food or less of certain kinds of food. I could cut out the sugar, eliminate carbs, processed foods and let the weight roll off me. However, to me, this kind of diet equals deprivation and never lasts very long. I might pull off a week at best. However, my path of least resistance/my belief system dictates that I can lose weight quickly by running. So after a couple of weeks of running, the weight magically falls off me. Is it true? Yes, for me. For someone else, perhaps a different result. For another person, losing weight by reducing food intake makes sense, but for me it is never easy and it is definitely not my path of least resistance.

I am enjoying likening it to water running downstream. The water might find the pathway of a rock and become blocked for a bit, but once it finds a new pathway around the rock it flows easily and fluidly.

Where in your life could you focus your attention on maximizing your path of least resistance or perhaps we can rename it your path of most likely success?