Last year, I began a process by which I would enjoy walks around my beautiful neighborhood and take pictures with my iPhone of inspiring landscapes, sunsets, sunrises, people. Pretty much anything that caught my eye. It is pretty easy because I live on a beautiful island, near a spacious beach and even when it is raining and cold, it is fabulous. I shared the process by which I discovered my inner creativity on a post earlier this year.

For many years now, I have had a meditation practice. It has evolved over time and most recently, my photography habit and my meditation practice have intertwined and this blog has blossomed as a result.

As I have been learning the Abraham-Hicks material this past year, I have incorporated many of their suggested practices into my morning meditation. One of the most valuable has been the concept of the Grid. The Grid, at a high level, is the most general emotions that you desire to feel at any given moment. Examples could be to Feel Fun, to Feel Joy, to Feel Love. To create my Grid, I meditate with my HeartMath emWave and I focus on the Grid emotion that I want to spend time with that day.

I usually meditate for 30 minutes, first thing in the morning and then journal for as long as I am inspired until I feel complete. I’ve found myself writing for hours at a time on a particularly juicy day. Inevitably when I complete my writing, I end up with a specific phrase or focus that I settle on for the remainder of the day. This becomes my point of focus and the space in which my vibration and my attraction come from. As I move through my day, I will notice that more FUN than usual is flowing my way, and enjoy the collaboration of the Universe in bringing my request to fruition.

Recently, I have felt a pull to incorporate my Grid phrase into my photographs, creating a visual reminder for me through my day, and focus that I could share with others. I have been dancing with the process to see how it feels & works, keeping it as fresh and authentic as possible. The funny thing is that I sometimes get a bit repetitive when I am working on a specific feeling, but there are still creative ways to freshen up an emotion and find the feeling.

After I finish my meditation and writing, I sift through my photos for the “right” one that matches the emotion I am feeling. I edit the photo on my iPhone with Tiny Post and Instagram, then release it through my social media networks. It feels so satisfying to let the intention float through the interconnected space of the internet and immediately send those loving emotions to my friends, family and soon-to-be friends. It is has become a delicious part of my process and a delightful inspiration. I hope you are enjoying them and I look forward to hearing how they help you start your beautiful days!