Last week, I heard the same story on 2 separate Abraham-Hicks workshop videos. Abraham was explaining how the Universe cooperates by bringing into your experience whatever is active in your vibration. They shared how during a workshop, a woman was particularly resistant and in an attempt to distract her, they launched into conversation about the beauty of blue glass, the freedom of butterflies and finally a rampage on feathers. After the workshop, Esther Hicks (who translates Abraham) felt compelled to enter a store and found a stunning display of blue glass. Later she walked into a huge cloud of butterflies and finally a small child brought her a feather. The explanation was a vibration had been awakened in Esther, and without resistance, her life experiences had reflected those subjects of admiration.

When I heard the story for the second time in short order, the thought bubbled up for me, “now I will see all three”. For the power of suggestion had awakened that desire in me. And as quickly, the thought was gone, and then I went on with my life.

On Sunday, I decided to visit Airlee Gardens in Wilmington, NC. They are located within a couple of miles, but although I’ve lived here almost a year, I hadn’t made time to visit the gardens. I had heard wonderful things about their beauty and since the gates were open for local residents on Sunday, I made a detour on my way home. I rarely travel without my iPhone, so as I admired the beauty of the natural areas and manicured gardens, I snapped lots of pictures. I knew they would end up in this blog sooner or later.

Yesterday, I was walking the loop and a flock of pigeons flew in front of me, catching my attention. They landed next to a feather, which reminded me of the Abraham story of the glass, the butterfly and the feather. And then I laughed aloud in delight.

For I realized that during my visit to Airlee Gardens, I had taken pictures of Blue Glass (The Bottle Chapel), Butterfly Sculptures (The Butterfly House) and Feathers (Swans) – in fact, I even had a picture of blue glass & a butterfly!

Truly, it is life affirming to see the power of creation and attraction that is inherent in the lives we lead and to know that with fine tuning, it is truly within my power to create purposefully and joyfully.