For the past six months, I’ve created a very disciplined meditation practice.  I spend thirty minutes at the beginning and end of the day sitting in quiet contemplation of the NOW.  Sometimes I vary my practice with a guided meditation, but mostly it is a focused vibrational awareness that I am fine-tuning, as I am becoming more and more tuned into my present moment, without any distractions.

I can feel the positive effects of regular and sustained meditation. I sleep incredibly well. I have more energy and motivation.  Creative ideas flow to me on a consistent basis.  My stress levels are way down (it is pretty hard to feel too much stress when you are living at the beach, but I still credit meditation with this result).  All in all, I am a text book case of all the positive results of embracing meditation.

So here is the potential downside I’ve been noticing.  All this vibrational alignment is making things fly in and out of my experience really, really fast.  Faster than this plodding Taurus is used to or really comfortable with.

I believe this has to do with the clarity of process from thought and emotion to manifestation.  Abraham will say fairly frequently that “All hell breaks loose” when someone begins to meditate and lowers their resistance.  The hell breaking loose part is all the lower vibrational stuff that was stuck in my experience that is now flowing out, and  of course there is all that good stuff is flowing in.  But I consider my vibration to be in transition, not quite where I want to be yet, and not as consistent as I desire. So it feels a little like walking on quicksand.  It feels a little unsteady.

This is where the rest of the Law of Attraction work comes in,  where I am cultivating trust and belief and focus for where I am going, what I am wanting, lining things up.  Self-soothing and reminding myself that there is so much more on its way. I know I am close and I can feel the momentum gathering speed.  When things do come in and fall out of my experience quickly, I say “Thank you, that was fun. Next?”