I am very excited to provide a guest blog for Zehra today. I have been watching her fantastic video channel for a year and found her blog in March. This post was 3 months in the making, we had chatted in March and Zehra generously offered me the opportunity to provide a post, and it hs been on the back of my mind, yet inspiration wasn’t flowing. Until it was. That is how it works, let go of the question and let the answer come. You have already asked that question way too many times. (Trust me, you really have!)

Count your Blessings

Guest Post by Susan Maravetz, The Essential Path

My experience over the past eighteen months with Abraham and the Law of Attraction has been stunningly effective and almost magical in how quickly momentum will pick up on a specific topic I am focused upon. That is how I know that I am a powerful deliberate creator. I am left with no doubt on a very regular basis that “I did that” and I have learned that I do indeed create my own reality. Read More…..