Every afternoon, I take a three mile walk around “the Loop”. The path circles a beautiful park, past the town government center across several scenic bridges and through the my little beach town. This has been my habit for the past 18 months, I would guess I have trekked the loop approximately 500 times. This is where many of my images come from; during my excursions around the loop, I look for something beautiful to capture.

This also means my ability to sense change is heightened. I notice if a house is being renovated, when the park got a new fountain, a restaurant updates their building. Today I observed that beyond a tall fence on my path, a house was missing.

I was curious to know more, but the fence was blocking my view and was too tall to see over. But as I kept my brisk pace past the fence, if I kept my vision focused on the space beyond the fence, I could piece together a view through the gaps. Not totally satisfying, but it was enough to confirm that indeed, a house had been knocked down and the empty lot was awaiting a new tenant.

As I continued my walk, a Abraham metaphor emerged in my thoughts.The tall fence blocking my view is my current reality. It is the “what is” that is most obvious, the object that I am usually focused upon, and it is preventing me from seeing the possibilities of what “will be”. By focusing my vision beyond the fence, to the space past the current reality, I was able to glimpse and put together, small slices of possibility. The fence, while still present, faded in importance, as my interest and vision are focused upon another space and time.

This feels like a nice metaphor and tool to think about how visioning a future reality can work. I may not have the clearest of pictures, but if I keep an eye on the glimpses beyond what is, the picture will emerge.