By Susan Maravetz

For the past six months, I have been observing how my coaching has shifted as a result of my increased understanding of The Law of Attraction, in particular – the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.  It has taken some time for me to figure out how to be an effective coach and a powerful teacher with my new understanding.

First it is important to understand what the basics of my coaching were, pre-Abraham:

1) The client is whole and perfect, and holds all the answers to their questions.  Check.  This one works perfectly and I totally adhere to this principle.

2) The client is always moving between being or doing.  Guide the client between these two states seamlessly and with intention.  Check.   This one also works perfectly, with the exception that I would specify that being is defined as Vibrational Offering and that doing is specified as Inspired Action.

Where I start to dissemble is in the practicalities of coaching.  Typically it starts with a premise – The client has a GOAL to do X.  This goal may be get a new job, find a relationship, create a new business.  There is an assumed end goal that ensures that the client’s work will be neatly tied up in a bow at the end of the finish line.

What I have come to realize is that coaching toward goals without incorporating Law of Attraction principles isn’t very satisfying for me. It is very much thinking and efforting and creating action steps and checklists in an effort to move toward a new reality that probably won’t be that different from past experience.

What I have found more effective is exploring more about “What Is Actually Wanted” from those goals.

  • What are the feelings that will be supported when that goal is achieved?
  • What are the feelings that the client wants to experience and where are they already experiencing those feelings?
  • Is it possible to experience those kinds of feelings in their current situation?

By short cutting to the feeling of the goal versus all the action steps, now there can be some momentum created to achieving the goal.  If a client wants to feel free and empowered in her day-to-day experience, how can she feel that way now? Where in her life is she already free, perhaps decorating her home or landscaping her yard? What does it feel like to make her own choices, to be creative, to be productive?  By noticing where that feeling IS being experienced, she is reminded what it actually feels like and will allow more experiences like that to manifest, based on the Law that Like Attracts Like.

Observing momentum and letting it flow. One of my biggest tasks now as a coach is to provide a perspective on where my client is already experiencing momentum and ensuring that momentum is not neglected or discredited.  I have seen many clients getting a good head of steam in the direction of their dream and then it slows down because they are busy with family or work or other distractions.  Delay and disappointment follow.

And it is my job to remind them that there is no delay and disappointment, it is all serving a greater purpose of fine-tuning, because eventually that desire must be realized and enjoyed.  And all the work in the middle is what will ensure the success, and of course, the true adventure is in the journey anyway.

I suspect that these days, there is more enhancement to my coaching process than an actual need to dismantle my earlier methods of coaching, small tweaks to the process. Having goals is a fine thing, it is just remembering why we want the goal and realizing that we already have the essence in our experience.

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