February 2017 will be five years since I was introduced to the Abraham-Hicks work.  Prior to that introduction, I had already tuned into plenty of  new age writers and ideas, I had watched The Secret and I was generally assured and pleased with my own “deep wisdom.” What was different about meeting Abraham, I finally understood the importance and prioritization of feeling good AND more importantly, that I was the only one responsible for the establishment and experience of those feelings.

Before I met Abraham, I had been certified by HeartMath as a 1:1 coach.  The way I viewed that work was a method by which to control my “flares.” I had often experienced (and released) intense anger toward other people and situation, and HeartMath provided me a system by which to better understand my emotions and eventually navigate to improved emotions.  But try as I might, it wasn’t foolproof, and I would find myself overwhelmed in moments of great anger.

I had learned to write lists of gratitude and practice meditation, but my good feeling emotions were always in reponse to the immediate experience in my path.  Meaning, if I was doing something I enjoyed, such as a yoga class, I felt good. If I was doing something that was annoying or frustrating, such as being stuck in traffic, I did not feel good.  I could eventually navigate to feeling better by being aware of my emotional responses and deciding not to put myself around those annoying people or in those annoying experiences.  This led to quitting jobs, avoiding social events and generally hiding from unpleasantness (impossible).

The experience I have had more recently with the help of  Abraham, is to establish a process of unconditionally feeling good. It is such a different mind-set, it is difficult to explain, but I can explain how I get there.

My day begins with a 20 minute meditation session. Then I journal. During my journaling, I list the emotions I want to feel NOW, immediately.  It usually starts with Ease.  And I breathe, relax, and feel Ease.  Then I will add, Flow.  And I breathe, relax and feel Flow. Perhaps Love.  Perhaps Joy. Maybe go back to Ease.   And from there, the emotions usually start unveiling themselves on their own.  The momentum has begun and I am in a groove.

This morning routine can take 5 minutes, it can take an hour. I let the momentum and inspiration start the thread and then I ride the ride. I may be inspired to write a Thank You Prayer. I might decide to explore some Pivots. Or I might simply write my A,B,C’s of emotions and feel great satisfaction in that process.

What I have noticed from this process is the general sense of overall wellbeing that I feel, on a daily basis, for no good reason and, even better, NO Flares.