Fifteen years ago, I started a personal coaching practice, which I named The Essential Path.  My vision was that I would lead my clients on a path to identify the key ingredients they wanted in their life to facilitate happiness. I don’t know that I ever actually used the word happiness, I suspect it was more simply implied as the obvious goal.

I’ve been thinking a great deal about goals, mission, intention, objectives, purpose.  Whatever you want to call your inner drive, the calling that leads you on your life’s journey. What I’ve come to realize for myself is that happiness is the true goal and the rest are accessories, applications, or pathways that can faciliate that drive toward personal happiness.

What will make me happy in this moment?

With that simple question, my path is opened up. My heart is open to answers. I am ready (and willing) for the response that will direct this moment and the next, and the next.

For many, including myself, fulfilling personal happiness feels scary, forbidden, selfish. We’ve been trained to make other people happy.  The customers we serve, the companies we work for, our spouse, the children we are responsible for.

To serve oneself is perceived to be self-centered, isolating and heartless. This is the simplest of rules by which most have been raised and live to this day.  This is the one perspective I dream of shifting in my clients, friends and family. Please, today, ask yourself this one question: “What would make me most happy, in this moment?” Get still. Listen.  Hear. Acknowledge. And take action.