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I had a bit of an ah ha yesterday, I was listening to an Abraham-Hicks video and Abraham highlighted the idea that The Law of Attraction is neutral.  That it just is.  And that it is always working, whether you know it exists or not. Just like the Law of Gravity.  It is just how life works.  Drop an apple, the apple falls to the ground.  Give off a vibration, which you are always doing and things that match that vibration come to you.Your current life is the amalgamation of your most frequent and practiced vibrations.

The idea of the game Concentration came into my mind (Source download). The game is simple, a collection of cards are mixed up and placed face down. There are matching pairs, and you have to find the two cards that match. You flip over two cards, and if they match, its a win and you remove the cards from the collection. If not, you flip the cards back over and try again. Over time the game gets easier, as there are less cards and you have seen where many of them are.

OK, now play with me here.  The Universe is the player, playing on your behalf, and already knows where every matching card is.  So the Universe has no problem at all matching up the cards and has unlimited cards to match up. You could say that playing Concentration is the Universe’s job.

Your emotions/vibration are the pictures on the card.  You are vibrating in love, feeling one with Source energy and a matching card with that beautiful image of love is there, waiting for you.  It feels really good.

Or you are vibrating in worry and frustration, lack, loss, scarcity.  Oops, the Universe just gave you a match to that card too. Only it isn’t a mistake, an error or even “meant to be”, it just is. Neutral. Because that is how the Law of Attraction works.

So the Universe’s job is to play Concentration. Your job is to fine tune your vibration so that all your cards are matching exactly what you are wanting.

Looking for Vibrational Matches

Looking for Vibrational Matches





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