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I completed my first update for the Gyrotonic Instructor Training.  It was transformational, both physically and systematically.  The biggest thing I learned was that once you understand the intentions of the work and the movement, you have the freedom to take it where ever you find space to move.  I have permission to color outside the lines!

What that means to me is that I should honor the foundations of the system, spirals, circles, organic movement.  But that there is no right or wrong, only variations, flavors, evolution and possibility.  What shows up today is what is, no future no past, just potential.

The hands on support informs the body of what is possible, where to go next, what path could arise in the future. I am literally molding the clay that becomes the body the next time.  In my pre-training, my instructor would respond “today” when I would declare myself tight or constrained in some way.  It wasn’t for always, just for today.  In this moment, it was what it was,  but that didn’t mean it had to be that way tomorrow.

The beauty of Gyrotonic in my life is that it informs everything I do, what is possible in the physical body is available everywhere. 

The biggest thing I gained from this weekend is permission to color outside the line, in the studio and outside, in my life and my work. 

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