Susan Maravetz, Essential Path Coach and Consultant

If you don’t feel we are living in a time of chaos, you haven’t been paying attention.  Many aspects in each of our personal lives are in flux; whether it is due to the political landscape, the workplace, a health condition or taking care of our families. A state of chaos means that which we counted on yesterday, can no longer be taken for granted.

Right now, all aspects of the “American Experience” are in a certain state of chaos.  Will I have health insurance? What will the economy do next? Will my basic human rights be revoked?  What are the global implications of the election results?

It is enough to keep me in bed, covers pulled tightly over my head.

Before you scratch your head, puzzled because you thought I was a more upbeat person; realize that perhaps chaos isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Without chaos, we have stasis and life cannot change. So chaos is imperitive for change.

What we do within chaos is what determines our own ability to thrive. 

Here are some approaches I’ve taken the past couple of months, they’ve helped me stay grounded and allowed me to get out of bed each day.

Step 1: Stay Calm.  Recognize the signs of stress and take action to alliviate.  Everyone has a favorite stress management approach, make sure your approach is healthful and productive.  For me, meditation, focused breathing and journaling every morning is the best way to keep calm.

Step 2: Turn off the TV, log off Facebook and STOP having conversations that stress you out.  Do it for a day or two, see if you feel better.

Step 3: Appreciate everything that is going well in your life. It may be as small as “I woke up to this beautiful morning” or “I love a strong cup of coffee” – whatever you can do to feel a little better and enjoy your life as it is right now. 

Step 4: Do something nice for someone else.  Nothing improves your own outlook more than doing a good deed, sending a sweet card, expressing your appreciation for a loved one’s kindness.

Step 5: Get outside. Take a walk, sit in a park, enjoy nature. Do something that reconnects you with the natural environment and reminds you of the larger cycle of life.

Enjoy the day.  Embrace the chaos.

Appreciate the possibilities inherent in not knowing what the he** is going to happen next.

Remember, rollercoasters are always more exciting than the teacup ride.