Susan Maravetz, Essential Path Founder & Coach

One question I frequently ask myself: “What is my primary driver?”  What is that one thing that I want above all else?  What am I craving, needing and desiring…NOW?

Kindness is the answer that resonates for me. Kindness to others, kindness to our earth, kindess to the animals on this planet, and very importantly, kindness to myself.

What does kindness look like? What does it feel like?  Why does it feel good?

Kindness is seeing the world from a positive posture.  I expect things to go well. I expect to meet good people. I look forward to my interactions with others.  Kindness is speaking well of others, to others and to myself. Of being gentle, being open, allowing others to be as they are.

Kindness can be an open heart, a willing ear, a ready hug.  Kindess is a warmth of reception, an unexpected amount of belief and a loving word.  Most kindness is unexpected, yet also strongly desired and recognized when it appears.

Recognizing and receiving kindness is an act of self-kindness. For if you are immune to kindness or reject kindness from others then you are disconnected and unable to receive the life force that sustains this planet and your experience.

Today, find an opportunity to be kind and to receive kind.