Problem, Solution, Benefit. For as long as I have been in sales (too many years to count) I have been trained in the idea that anything to be sold should be wrapped in a PSB. What is amazing is that when you actually start thinking in this way, you begin to see that pretty much anything can be wrapped in this framework.

Problem: The economy has caused a huge drop in business, clients are not coming in and the business in is danger of bankruptcy.

Solution: Begin to rethink the services that are delivered. What services can be provided for a lower cost of sales? Is there a new target market that hasn’t been approached yet? Is there anyway to deliver to a wider audience at a lower price? What can be done to widen awareness of the benefits of the services that you provide?

Benefits: New clients and a new market are exposed to your services and business. Your business become more robust and flexible in response to the economy.

Try this for yourself, think about one problem that your clients are facing right now. What solution would you offer them? How would they benefit from working wth you?